The spectacular evolution which knows the urban and industrial environment puts in numerous countries the problem of the water. However, under the pressure of the considerable needs, we passed of the employment of waters of source and groundwater in a use more and more pushed some waters of surface. At the same time developed the searches for underground waters, methods of recycling, and now we worry more and more about the desalination of the sea water. Seen in his rarity, waste water became a realistic option to satisfy the needs for the agriculture. For that purpose, our work is based on the study of cover of the purge on the rejections of the wilaya of Mascara. The adopted approach consists in a progress of the works led in water-treatment plants, corresponding to the following tasks: presentation of the methods as well as the results obtained in terms of parameters of the hydric pollution from the point of view of physico-chemical indicators, Estimate in a quantitative and qualitative way waste water untreated, treated with stations, realize a comparative study between waste water untreated and treated with the various stations. So, the end of such a work leads us to estimate the state of the purge and the quantities arranged by this sector towards the irrigation.

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