Through this modest paper, we try to bring some lessons on a millenary hydraulic system that has been working for more than 10 centuries as a sign of recognition to the know-how of our ancestors. The foggara, what a genius for a hydraulic system that exploits groundwater at zero energy. Inseparable, the social and technical encompassed in the same hydraulic system that is the foggara to develop hundreds of oases and live thousands of Ksourien in an environment hostile to life like that of the Sahara. During the period: 2006-2017, a duration where we carried out a dozen missions in the oases located on the periphery of the plateau of Tadmait, it appears that the foggara deteriorates from the day to the day. A loss of one to two foggara per year is to be reported. It is too much for a hydraulic work that makes live a hundred families. So can one day see the wilaya of Adrar; the cradle of foggaras without foggaras? Let's hope not.


Foggara- Capture - Water - Sahara - Distribution - Tadmait Plateau

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