In this study, mango seed kernels were evaluated to prepare a biosorbent for use it as a natural carrier for the removal of methyl orange (orange acid 52) from aqueous solutions. In order to clarify the adsorption process, batch experiments were carried out to study the operating parameters effect on the adsorption process such as: the initial concentration of methyl orange (10-100 mg/L), adsorbent mass (0.1-1 g), contact time (10-120 min) and temperature (25-55 °C) were studied. To describe the adsorption equilibrium, the experimental data were analyzed by Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms. The equilibrium is perfectly described by the Freundlich model whose correlation coefficient is greater than 0.99 and the maximum monolayer adsorption capacity is 5.71 mg/g. Thermodynamic parameters such as ΔG0, ΔH0 and ΔS0 have been evaluated. It was found that the adsorption process was feasible, spontaneous and endothermic. The results of the present study show that mango seed kernels can be advantageously used as a low cost biosorbent for the removal of methyl orange from aqueous solutions.


Adsorption, Methyl orange, Biosorbent, Mango seed kernels.

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