We are studying for the first time the sharing of flood waters in the palm grove of the oasis of Ghardaia. We conducted in the oases of the Mzab valley about fifteen missions during the period 2006 -2018 to understand how THE work of the traditional works of catchment of the waters of floods. The first results obtained showed the originality and the peculiarity of the ancestral system of sharing of flood waters in the palm grove of Ghardaïa. The results of our investigations showed the interest of the Mzab population in floodwaters called Maa Essiel. The contribution of these waters charged with fine particles are intended for soil amendment and groundwater recharge either through seepage through the soil or by filling the recharge wells. This traditional hydraulic system is in degradation; several works have disappeared for social and environmental reasons.


Oasis, Ghardaia, Well, Artificial recharge, Foggara, Raw

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