This paper evokes for the first time one of the secrets of foggara. This is the quantification of the water shares of the rights holders. Indeed, during the work missions carried out in the oases of the Algerian Sahara from the year 2000 until the year 2019, we were interested in the art of measurements of the flow of water of a foggara by ancestral methods. From a hydraulic and social point of view, the results obtained for this study are impressive. The measuring tool used in foggara oases is based on the principle of orifice flow. Two flowmeters were invented and used in different regions of the Sahara. Two modes of foggara water distribution networks have been highlighted: volumetric and hourly, each with its own measurement tools. For volumetric distribution, irrigation is carried out in parallel. On the other hand, for the hourly distribution, the irrigation is in series.


Volumetric foggara, hourly foggara, water sharing, orifice flow.

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