For more than 7 centuries, to fight against floods, a hydraulic installation has been realized on the Metlili River. Investigations and investigations carried out during the period 2000-2019 among the population of the Metlili oasis made it possible to conclude that such a hydraulic installation is the work of a genius. In the first phase, a network of seguias was set up to recover and share the raw waters of floods between farmers. This hydro-agricultural development adopts 3 priorities: temporary irrigation by raw flood water, artificial recharge of the water table and the safety of the population through the evacuation of water to the Metlili River. To achieve these objectives, this system of water sharing consists of: a network of seguias - alleys with a total length of 7km, 24 Ahbas (dams) distributed through the hydrographic network and 2090 wells with animal traction (khottara). Today, this development is in a much-degraded state and deserves support from the services in the short term for its rehabilitation.


Water sharing - Flood- Metlili River- Oasis- Hydraulic heritage.

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