This article evokes, for the first time, the case of the oasis of El Guerrara that has mastered the problem of floods. It appears from this study conducted during the period 1990-2019 that the Mozabites know the value of the floods, they realized a great ancestral dam 1.8 km long to take advantage of flood Zegrir River. A network of seguias-alleys with a total length of 10 km was realized for the 80000 palms to benefit from the raw water of the floods. Recharge wells equipped with a network of underground tunnels have been highlighted to replenish the water table homogeneously. Finally to avoid any danger from floods, a device for draining water to the Zegrir River composed of 32 sliding doors and a spillway. The hydro-agricultural planning of El Guerrara ensures the functions: Irrigation, Recharge, and Security (IRS).


Oasis, El Guerrara, Zegrir River, Floods, Groundwater recharge.

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