This paper discusses, for the first time, flood management in the Ghardaïa oasis. A thousand-year-old hydraulic development has been implemented by the Mozabites on the M'zab River for more than 7 centuries. During the period: 1996-2020 we carried out several missions at the rate of two to three per year. Investigations and inquiries were carried out with the Ksourian population and the Oumana El Ma (management committee). The M’zab River was divided into three ways that is the originality of this project. In order of priority, track 1 called Tardja N’Bouchemdjane transports the first floodwaters for the irrigation of the eastern palm grove of Ghardaïa. The second seguia is used to transport part of the flood water to the Bouchen dam. These waters are intended for recharging the water table. The excess flood water flows directly into the third lane of the M’zab River; it’s a safety security. This original layout, we called it "IRS Dvelopment". Part 2 of this study is devoted to the design and operation of the IRS Development at M’zab River.


M’zab River, IRS Development, flood, Irrigation, Eat Palm Grove.

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