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  ISSN 1112-3680  Dépôt Légal : 1266-2002

LARHYSS  journal is an international peer-reviewed journal published by the research laboratory in subterranean and surface hydraulics since 2002.
The scope of the Journal covers the fields in which the teams of the research laboratory in subterranean and surface hydraulics are active. Original research papers, short communications and critical reviews from all fields of science and engineering related to water are welcomed. Larhyss journal is devoted to rapid publication of research in water engineering, acting as a link between the diverse research communities and practitioners in the field of hydraulics. The journal accepts manuscripts in English or French and publishes abstracts in both official languages. Larhyss journal publishes articles on all aspects of hydraulics including hydrology, water quality, water and wastewater treatment, surface and groundwater protection…

Pay attention to the acts of misconduct in the publication of your article. LARHYSS journal can not accept the following acts of misconduct: Get author status improperly, Failure to provide a place to author contributors who deserve, Plagiarizing or appropriating the results of others, Copy a figure, a table, data or even sentences from an article published or unpublished without reference, Falsify or delete data, Make the results of any part, Not to mention the earlier works that were used to the development of the study, Do not inform the editor of conflicts of interest that may affect the conduct or results of research.


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