B Remini, B Achour


Is treated in this paper an original qanat. This is the qanat Ouled Said, consisting of the encounter of three foggaras: Antrite, Amokrane and Badgha, which exploit the groundwater of the Greatest western Erg. All negotiations, sale and purchase of shares of water are conducted in this meeting place of three kasriates called Ouled Brahim.

Four missions were conducted in 2007, 2008, 2009 and2010 inthe oasis of Ouled Said for describe and understand the functioning of the qanat of Ouled Said. The measures that were conducted at three kasriates gave a flow of 3.5 l/s divided between the 150 owners of the qanat.

It is substantially less than ninety years since it was 26 l/s. Surveys and interviews conducted with owners and the population have revealed that the main causes of degradation of the hydraulic system are socio-economic and environmental. The heritage, migration and siltation are problems that worry the local people.


Foggara, Ouled Said, Oasis, Siltation, Discharge

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