Since the 1980s, the Mina watershed has been chronically water deficient, characterized by a low annual rainfall (304mm), irregular from one year to the next (from a peak to a low one year to the next) and a severe summer drought from June to August (6% of the annual average).

The study of rainfall series has shown that these variables show an evolution by jumps, which makes them so many segments of temporal measurements. To identify the breaks, we subjected the series to a break detection test. Pettitt's test revealed two breaks: one in 1971/72 and the other one in 1981/82. Between these two periods, the cumulative annual declines from 420mm to 262mm, recording a decrease of 158mm of rain.

To evaluate the severity of this decline, we used two widely used indices around the world: McKee's standardized precipitation index and E. de Martonne's aridity index.

These indices revealed a state of chronic drought marked by an arid and even hyper-arid climate. Drought episodes are important in intensity and duration and are extended to the entire geographical area of the basin.


Mina, rainfall, breaks, indicators, drought

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